1964 - Wal Ragg joined as Contracts Manager and civil contracting commenced for land development.

1978 - Graham Ragg followed his father and the WEM tradition of multi-generational training and mentorship was underway.

1986 - Wal and Graham purchased the company and started to broaden and strengthen WEM's business scope, skills and range of activities.

2000 - Wal retired and Graham took control of WEM.

2008 - Michael Ragg started studying at UTS and working in the paddock at WEM.

2012 - Matt Ragg climbed into a machine and has never looked back.

Many great people have joined the team and grown with the Company. They have added the right mix of personality, drive, enthusiasm and ability to make a difference . . . . and to help WEM evolve and become NSW's leading Earthmover and Civil Contractor.