WEM's response to COVID-19

The current pandemic has changed the way we work and we have adapted to ensure industry-leading practices while continuing to deliver as promised.  Please read the letter below from Graham and Michael Ragg for WEM's response to COVID-19 as well as information on this page about safety and investing in the community around us.


9th April 2020


During the current crisis Construction has been deemed an Essential Industry and WEM is taking that responsibility very seriously. 


As a family business in our 7th decade we enjoy the support of well seasoned staff, regular suppliers and subcontractors who are all aligned and focused on creating good outcomes for our customers. 


The Construction Industry has quickly adjusted and adapted to be able to work in accordance with the prescribed Government guidelines with regard to the safe on-site behaviour of all participants. 


Our teams are working safely and productively with no detriment to forecast dates for completion. We have implemented the WEM 2 metre Safety Rule, established a WEM Covid Council, mentored smaller Companies on safety compliance matters, and made sure our people feel safe at work.


Our business is working hard every day to support the ongoing strength and robustness of our whole Industry, whilst also building towards longer term opportunities for our Nation’s recovery phase. 


WEM has the right people, the strength and the financial capacity to take up further opportunities as they arise and will be ready to respond to your call. 


We are certain that the integrity, strength and resilience of our people gives us the peace of mind to calmly face these challenges and continue to grow as an Infinite business

- Graham Ragg  

Managing Director 

- Michael Ragg  

General Manager 


Safety at WEM Worksites

Anyone attending WEM sites must adhere to the rules we are enforcing, in line with the Government's recommendations.  This is to ensure the health of our team, our partners and our projects.  If you have any questions, please call us or use the contact form on our contact page.


    All team members, subcontractors and other visitors to WEM must adhere to the 2 metre distance rule (no closer than a 90T excavator bucket).

    • Public gatherings are limited to 2 people and must adhere to the 2 metre distance rule

    • Follow the rules and make sure others are following the rules too

    • Although we are practicing social distancing, we still say g'day to our colleagues with a smile


    For the health of everyone at WEM, their families, the community, the business and jobs, if you are sick you must stay home.

    • Email or call HR as soon as you start showing symptoms

    • Do not come back to work until you have clearance from HR

    • Follow government advice


    People can pass on COVID-19 before they know they have it, so be cautious in shared spaces:

    • Wash your hands frequently and do not touch your face

    • Sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue and dispose of the tissue safely

    • Do not share office or other work supplies such as pens and PPE

    • Keep equipment and share facilities clean and use the cleaning materials provided

    • Be courteous of others


Investing in Australia

Locally Made Products within our Supply Chain: 

As a major player within with the Australian Construction Industry, we have been considering how we can make a difference during these uncertain economic times. We believe that the Land Development and broader Construction Industry have major roles in ensuring Australians are kept employed. In doing so, this will ensure money continues to circulate within our local economy.


We have begun discussions with our supply chain and challenged them to think about how we can rearrange our procurement policy as an Industry to procure as much as possible that is “Australian Made”. As you would undoubtedly be aware the Australian Dollar (AUD) has dropped significantly in a very short period. This will lead to uncertainty within the market as the cost of materials will increase in the short to medium term. With this drop of the AUD within the marketplace, this only makes Australian Made products more affordable to all consumers. 

We believe supporting local manufacturing of goods in Australia is no different to supporting your local café, restaurant or pizza shop. We all need to do our bit to help our fellow Australians.


You can submit your Australian business for consideration by using the contact form on the contact page and selecting 'procurement' department.

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